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At PHIC We are a non-profitable organisation aimed at providing basic skills, to inmates to enable them achieve highest level of functionality, independence, quality life and be useful in the community for a prisoner who is our target group it means facilitating the inmate to be able to take care of their lives, so that they don’t re-offend. We also stabilize the social functioning of a prisoner in three ways; namely positive relations with others (relating well with others); Role Functioning (having something to do to earn a living) and Self-worth (having a balanced self-concept).

Who We Are


PHIC is committed to helping men, women and young adults successfully reenter the workforce, their families, and our community.


PHIC seeks to empower the formerly incarcerated and their families to create a successful future built on strategic leadership and character development.

Core Values

PHIC is empathetic and sympathetic. We also believe in other virtues like honesty, community service, and trustworthiness.

Some of the Projects

How we Carry Out Our Rehabilitation

Through our donors and well wishes we are able to achieve full potential of inmates and be able to carry out rehabilitation by equipping inmates with skills in different areas through;

1. Technical officers. Through training in vocational skills they are aware of new skills on the market or updated. Do they have positive attitude towards inmates they are training? Do they have a goal for the inmates? National skills training include; carpentry, shoe making, tailoring, welding and fabrication, horticultural farming, modern animal husbandry, dairy farming, rabbit keeping, beekeeping etc.

2. Social welfare offices; social psychological counselling officers are equipped with skills they are in control of their mandate as counsellors and managers of the other programs.

3. Spiritual workers; spiritual nourishment for inmates.

We offer an enabling environment to ensure that their process, standard, reinforcement and resources available made the desirable behaviour for the inmate in the reformed agenda. If they do not engage in crime then we shall have a self-community to live in. A true expectation of all humanity.


support us and change the course of an inmate todauy!